Margie Orford

Water Music

"...this South African writer has served up a crime treat sure to satisfy even the most demanding of readers."


A terrified, frozen child is found close to death on an icy Cape Town mountainside. But no-one reported her missing. Where does she come from? Who does she belong to? Profiler Dr Clare Hart is baffled - but when a young woman disappears, Clare sees a frightening pattern beginning to emerge.

Rosa is a gifted but troubled young cellist, and her grandfather is at his wits end. Why did she walk out of her music school that day? Where has she gone now?

As winter tightens its grip, Clare must find Rosa and unravel her secrets… all the while carrying a secret of her own.

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Ever since I heard Maggie Orford speaking at Harrogate Crime Fiction Festival she has been on my list of authors to check out and boy am I glad I got round to reading this book, cos this South African writer has served up a crime treat sure to satisfy even the most demanding of readers. Her main character, Dr Clare Hart is a fascinating invention and someone you will be happy spending your spare time with. Like all good investigators she is dogged and determined and not put off by the politically motivated and frankly corrupt colleagues who are equally determined to throw her off track. This aspect aside, there is something endearing about Hart – a carefully detailed back story that makes her spring from the page and into your conscience. The crime itself is one that will shock and disturb and one that sits in a well of truth. And given Hart's background it is one that she is more determined than ever to get to the bottom of. Maggie Orford is also an excellent plotter and she brings together all the strands with ease, creating a 'will they or won't they' scenario that will have you nibbling at your nails. My advice; make sure you have a comfy chair to sit on while reading this on, cos you will be on its edge.

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