A. D. Garrett

Truth Will Out

"...more twists and turns than a Grand Prix racing track. "


A mother and daughter are snatched on their drive home from a cinema. The crime has a number of chilling similarities to a cold case Professor Nick Fennimore had been lecturing on. Then, Fennimore begins receiving taunting messages - is he being targeted by the kidnapper?

Meanwhile, a photograph emailed from Paris could bring Fennimore closer to discovering the fate of Suzie, his own daughter, now missing for six years. He seeks help from his old friend, DCI Kate Simms, recently returned from the US. But Kate is soon blocked from the investigation.

A mother and child's lives hang in the balance as Fennimore and Simms try to break through police bureaucracy to identify their abductor.

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Truth Will Out' is the third novel in the forensic thriller series by A D Garrett, a pseudonym of psychological crime writer Margaret Murphy working with forensics expert, Helen Pepper. The opening is original and exciting. Chapter three, in particular, was so powerful it tapped into a fear of mine which gave me a sleepless night and chilled me to the bone. Nick Fennimore and Kate Simms are a classic double act. Their partnership goes way back and is fraught with tension. In a twist on the will-they-won't-they, they already have, the question here is will they again? Together, they would be deeply unhappy but apart they yearn to be together. They're both self-destructive and unpredictable beings, which makes for fantastic reading. The detail Garrett puts into the novel is the right amount before it descends into a forensics training manual. Sometimes you can feel bogged down by all the technical aspects of police and forensics procedure, but there is just enough to intrigue and teach you, yet keep you entertained in the story. As usual with an A D Garrett novel, the plot is multi-layered, and had more twists and turns than a Grand Prix racing track. This is crime writing at its best with a brilliant finale you will not see coming.

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