Martin Walker

The Templar’s Last Secret

""...another thoroughly enjoyable book in the series from Martin Walker." "


Bruno Courreges, Chief of Police of the small French town of St. Denis, has been called to the site of an unexpected death. The woman has been found at the foot of the cliffs leading up to the ancient chateau of Commarque in the Dordogne. Circumstances are such that Bruno believes there is something suspicious about the death and sets into motion the wheels of the investigative process. To his displeasure, he is instructed to welcome a bureaucrat from Paris who is looking at the workings of the local French police and their relationships with the gendarmerie. Although reluctant to begin with, Bruno comes to welcome Amelie Plessis as she can provide an insight into the world of information available on the web.

The centre of the quest is the 11th century chateau of Commarque, ancient sight and closely connected to the fabulously rich Templars. Rumours abound about what the mysterious dead woman was searching for, and pressure mounts when a famous scholar of the Templars is tortured and found close to death.

Bruno meets up again with the love of his life, Isobel, and even the security services become involved.

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Although the focus of these books is crime and the solving of it, there is a degree of comfort in picking up a new Bruno Courreges book. Bruno is a wonderful character, compassionate, resourceful, full of common sense and above all, someone who is in love with the countryside where he lives and works. Add a large amount of culinary heaven washed down with a selection of wonderful wines and it is a treat to be savoured. The characters of St Denis are a quirky lot and the bond between them is beautifully described. This time, Bruno is yet again involved with the security services and the action becomes fast and furious at the end. This is another thoroughly enjoyable book in the series from Martin Walker. I have loved them all.

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