The Last Refuge

"..crackles on every page. "


When John Callum arrives on the wild and desolate Faroe Islands, he vows to sever all ties with his previous life. He desperately wants to make a new life, and is surprised by how quickly he is welcomed into the close-knit community. But still, the terrifying, debilitating nightmares just won't stop.

Then the solitude is shattered by an almost unheard of crime on the islands: murder.

A specialist team of detectives arrives from Denmark to help the local police, who seem ill-equipped for an investigation of this scale. But as tensions rise, and the community closes ranks to protect its own, John has to watch his back. But far more disquieting than that, John's nightmares have taken an even more disturbing turn, and he can't be certain about the one thing he needs to know above all else; whether he is the killer.

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'The Last Refuge' is a dark and atmospheric tale of revenge, redemption and secrets. Craig Robertson has excelled himself by writing a truly twisted psychological thriller full of deeply flawed yet believable characters. Robertson's description of the wild landscape of the Faroe Islands, the rapidly changing climate and the isolation of a baron community crackles on every page. He has chosen each and every word precisely to convey the desperation, the starkness and the claustrophobia of a small community forced to live together in such close proximities. With Craig Robertson's first novel, 'Random', there is a gruesomely chilling murder scene, so richly depicted that is has remained in my mind ever since. What he has done with this novel has left a lasting impression of a dark cast of characters and a challenging story on an island I'm now itching to visit. I honestly cannot find a single fault with this novel. The story builds at a steady pace and the crime itself is chilling and the varying secrets and lies are revealed in exactly the right places to keep you intrigued until the final thrilling denouement. Now I've finished I want to turn back to page one and start all over again. More like this please, Mr. Robertson – and soon!

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