Matthew Quirk

The Directive

" Quirk's first novel and is a one sitting read."


Two brothers, millions of dollars - and the heist of a lifetime.

After escaping the corrupt back rooms of Washington DC, Mike Ford is again playing a dangerous game--this time the stakes are even higher.

Mike's brother is in over his head in a powerful conspiracy to steal a secret worth billions of dollars from the little-known but unbelievably influential trading desk at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In an effort to help, Mike soon finds himself trapped by the dangerous men in charge and forced to call on all the skills of his criminal past in order to escape.

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Quirk's first novel had Ford bringing down his corrupt ex-boss whilst working in the world of Washington politics. He has now branched out on his own and life is settling down with his fledgling business and an upcoming marriage to his girlfriend, Annie. But life seems to bring trouble to Ford's door and 'The Directive' sees him trying to keep himself and his family safe. In order to do so he needs to commit further crimes and break into the Federal Reserve Bank. Whilst the crime does seem a little implausible, this is still a book that is totally gripping. Ford, with a lot of luck often on his side, keeps one step ahead of those after him. Quirk has built a character that is impossible not to like. Despite knowing that Ford is on the wrong side of the law, he still has good intentions, which means you want him to succeed. If only so he will survive to feature in the next book. The mastermind behind the plot is not revealed until the very end, but I found that all I wanted to do was to keep reading to find out if Ford manages to pull off the crime and get back to his life. 'The Directive' is as exciting as Quirk's first novel and is a one sitting read. If you are willing to suspend belief a little, then 'The Directive' is the book for you.

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