Simon Scarrow

The Blood of Rome

"...Scarrow delivers with the thrust of a Roman sword, a novel that deals blow after blow..."


It is AD 55. As trouble brews on the eastern fringes of the Roman Empire, Tribune Cato and Centurion Macro must prepare for war...

The wily Parthian Empire has invaded Armenia, a frontier territory claimed by Rome, ousting King Rhadamistus. The king is ambitious and ruthless, but he is vital to Rome's strategic interests. General Corbulo must restore him to power, while also readying the troops for war with the powerful Parthian Empire. Corbulo orders new arrivals Cato and Macro, and their elite cohort of Praetorian Guards, to carry out the task.

Marching into unmapped and unfamiliar terrain to restore an unpopular king is a perilous mission. Allies cannot be trusted and foes lurk on all sides. The bravery and skill of the Roman army will be tested to the limit…

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This is book 17 of the 'Eagles of the Empire' series that features Cato and Macro. What I love about this series is the developing chemistry between the two main protagonists. Scarrow never rests on his laurels (pardon the pun) and maps out his battles with precision so you feel that you could be one of the soldiers. There is definitely a great sense of place and you cannot help but become immersed in the storyline. There is a real sense of blood and guts to Scarrow's descriptions of the battles as well as the male bonding/competition that goes on. Again, Scarrow delivers with the thrust of a Roman sword, a novel that deals blow after blow, leaving you breathless by the time you reach the end. 'The Blood of Rome' would make a perfect present for any reader who loves the scent of men at war. A remarkable read.

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