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""Patterson fans out there – this is another one that will keep you reading until three a.m.!" "


Kim McDaniels is a glamorous model doing a photo shoot in Hawaii. Hours after she disappears, her parents get a call from her mobile – by the man who has kidnapped her. Flying out to Hawaii to find their daughter, the McDaniels come across apathy from the local police. Enter Ben Hawkins an ex-cop turned reporter. Latching on to Hawkins, the McDaniels believe he will help them find his daughter. But her killer is nearer than any of them can imagine.

After the events in Hawaii where everything went from bad to worse, the killer wants Hawkins to write his life story – the autobiography of a serial killer. But this one doesn't simply kill for kicks – he is a paid assassin for some very important people who love to watch, as if in a Roman arena, the slaughter of innocents – but this time it's all on the Internet.

Soon, Hawkins is fighting for his life and that of his loved ones to bring a killer to ground and smash the ring that pays for his services.

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Please ignore the flimsy title. I can't imagine how anyone having read this book before publication, reached the end and during a 'Eureka' moment announced that this book was begging to be called – Swimsuit! Besides that small niggle, this is something very different from the Patterson stable. With Maxine Paetro who normally pens the Women's Murder Club novels, this pair of writers now bring us something extremely gory. Obviously they are on the same wavelength and having fun with these stories. I have to say right now that this isn't normal Patterson fare. If anything, the body count is quite high and there are some grizzly methods of decapitation within these covers. But for some strange reason it works. As always the chapters are short and keep you speeding along and the story does work although it is quite a bizarre tale to say the least. As with all the books that come out of the Patterson factory, some work, some don't. This one does although I did feel that the ending felt slightly rushed as if neither author knew how to wrap it up. But for all those major Patterson fans out there – this is another one that will keep you reading until three a.m.!

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