Brian Freeman


"Freeman’s characters are strongly drawn…"


They looked like isolated cases. A hit-and-run and a celebrity murdered during a fling with a prostitute. No one could ever imagine they'd be linked to a brutal crime in Las Vegas's steamy past - or that the race against the clock to corner a determined serial killer would stir up secrets long thought buried with the dead.

As detectives Jonathan Stride and Serena Dial are called separately to investigate, they have no idea what they're stepping into. They enter a world where desperate ambition rules and loyalties know no bounds, and where their own uncharted emotions and sexual desires will reach an explosive conclusion.

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Initially, I found this book quite difficult to get into as there were a number of crimes being investigated by difference detectives - although all linked - which made the book feel rather disjointed. However, I was pleased that I persevered as soon I was unable to put this book down and it became a real thriller that I just had to finish. Once all the players and characters were established and the plots more defined the book certainly came into its own. Freeman's characters are strongly drawn, although I did find that perhaps he did have a few too many in the book. This didn't detract from my enjoyment and I would certainly recommend this book and look forward to reading any of his next novels.

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