Dennis Lehane

Since We Fell

"Man, this is definitely worth buying with your hard-earned!"


Rachel is on a mission to find her father, hindered by the antics of her manipulative mother. She experiences one setback after another, and this is compounded by an on-air panic attack while she's reporting to camera about a humanitarian situation in Haiti.

Back home and licking her wounds over her continued frustrations about finding her father, and her very public professional meltdown, she meets Brian. He adores her and he's with her every step of the way as she slowly regains her confidence and her sanity.

But everything is not what it seems with her husband and his strange behaviour forces her to probe for the truth. What happens next is more than her imaginings could have ever come up with.

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Dennis Lehane really is a master of the criminal mindset. In 'Since We Fell', we start off with what feels like a psychological mystery, but the story then morphs seamlessly into an ingenuous tale of large scale theft, deception and murder. Rachel is a fascinating creation. We gain insight into her state of mind and how that is framed by a controlling mother, the breakdown of her high-profile professional life and her scheming husband – her character arc in anyone else's hands might turn into an unholy mess, but Lehane has long been at the peak of his powers. He knows what he is about and sets the whole thing up beautifully. The first half of the book is all about atmosphere and character interplay, the second half is full of twists that leave you breathless. Man, this is definitely worth buying with your hard-earned!

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