Jo Nesbo


""Nesbo is a consummate writer, knows how to toy with his readers and delivers an adrenaline rush of a book. " "


At the end of 'Phantom' Harry Hole is left in a very sticky position indeed. At the beginning of 'Police' his old team in the Oslo police are missing his particular brand of genius. An unnamed patient is being closely guarded in hospital and an unknown killer is taking revenge on a series of police officers and no one knows why. The ambitious and newly promoted Mikael Bellman has his own agenda and is not exactly helping the investigation. People very close to Harry are threatened and brush rather too closely with death.

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This is Nesbo at his best. We have a very clever and determined killer operating with an unknown but powerful motive. We have some very bloody and horrific murders. The sexually explicit descriptions are more graphic than ever. There are also several psychologically damaged individuals who appear excellent candidates for chief suspect. The suspense builds up as first one and then another take over the mantle as likely murderer. As more and more bodies pile up, especially some very close to Harry Hole, it becomes very tense. Nesbo is particularly good at leading you in one direction then completely overturning your beliefs in the next sentence. Despite the pressures on him, Harry is trying hard to remain sober and I found him an even more engaging character for this. I really enjoyed this book, even more than the last, as the overall impression was not as dark. But even with a more positive and uplifting ending, Nesbo stills puts in the knife at the end. Read this new novel and you will understand why people like me rave about this writer. Nesbo is a consummate writer and knows how to toy with his readers and delivers an adrenaline rush of a book. Roll on the next one.

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