Robert Goddard

Name To A Face

"… well worth unplugging the phone and immersing yourself…"


Tim Harding is asked to do a favour for a friend. All he has to do is to represent him at an auction to buy an old family ring which had allegedly been stolen by a family member. It couldn't be simpler. Buy the ring that nobody else is interested in and Tim would be back at home in Monte Carlo within a few days. The night before the auction is due, someone steals the ring. Also, during his stay in Penzance, Tim finds rumours that surround his friend from when he used to live in the area. A rumour that he was responsible for a diving accident of a young woman reporter who nearly drowned while diving at the site of an old ship that had capsized 300 years before. She never awoke from the coma she was in.

Soon Tim is caught up with more tragic deaths and a mystery that involves a ship that sunk in 1707 and the ring that was ripped from the finger of the captain of that same vessel, HMS Association. So what is causing all those ripples across the centuries and now threatening people in present day Penzance? Can Tim find out before he is next on the list to be eliminated?

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Name To A Face is the latest riveting mystery thriller from this well-known and respected author. With most of Goddard's novels there is a strong sense of the past tapping people on the shoulder in the present and bringing about great consequences as a result of lies and deceits that have been going on for many years, if not centuries. Goddard is always excellent at getting the ball rolling - and keeps it rolling - so that very soon you have managed to get half way through the novel at a frightening pace. The writing appears very simple and is easy to read, although Goddard is very descriptive, especially with his characters and, in particular, the places his characters find themselves in. He seems to take great joy in describing the Penzance scenery and it is wonderful to have that sense of feeling you are there as well, as Goddard paints such a vivid picture. The solution to Name To A Face is quite bizarre, but Goddard is good at highlighting the macabre, whilst showing that some people will do anything to keep something they hold close to themselves secret. This is definitely an enjoyable novel - and one that Goddard's legion of fans will lap up like nectar from the God's. It is certainly well worth unplugging the phone and immersing yourself in another Goddard adventure.

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