Paul Carson


"This is the first Paul Carson novel I've read but it definitely won’t be my last. Brilliant!"


Dr Mike Wilson is a pathologist with a troubled past and a naturally suspicious mind. As the new Dublin city coroner, he is used to investigating violent, unusual or unexplained deaths. But one case worries Mike… a lot.

Patrick Dowling was found hanging in woodland late the previous year. The investigation ended the moment the autopsy result was announced: suicide. Dowling had been a drug addict with poor life expectancy. Case closed.

Then Mike discovers that Dowling's file was on his predecessor's desk; a man who was shot dead by an unknown gunman. Coincidence? Mike doesn't think so. As Mike digs deeper, his life comes under threat. Then, he and his family are attacked. Just how far is he prepared to go to uncover the truth?

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I'm not usually a fan of first person narrative; I find it restricting in terms of story, scope, and pace. However in this case the plot benefits, and adds a claustrophobic edge to the drama. Paul Carson has created a story of corruption, intrigue, and danger with his foot firmly on the accelerator. He delivers shock and plot development at break-neck speed, never letting up the pace for a single moment. We're given an insight into the inquest process at the most personal level, and Wilson's raw emotional battles are felt by the reader too. Paul Carson is a terrific writer of real human characterisation, pace and drama. His use of the first person narrative is a brilliant tool if done correctly and Carson has done just that. He writes with pure clarity and has a hint of John Grisham about him. 'Inquest' is a gripping and edgy thriller from cover to cover. This is the first Paul Carson novel I've read but it definitely won't be my last. Brilliant!

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