Gillian McAllister

How to Disappear

""...a well-written book that held a steady pace. ""


Zara has witnessed a murder and wants to do the right thing. Mum Lauren and stepdad Aidan are completely behind Zara when she testifies in court. But then it all goes wrong and those responsible for the murder target Zara and the family is told that for their own safety they need to go into witness protection. But Aidan has a daughter Poppy, and his mum, who he can't leave. So Zara and Lauren go by themselves.

But one mistake - a text, an Instagram like - could bring their old lives crashing into the new. As Lauren will learn, disappearing is easy. Staying hidden is much harder.

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'How to Disappear' has plenty of elements to hook you and keep you hooked. The legal element and how restrictive the legal system can be, and how sometimes just because you are doing the right thing doesn't mean that the guilty will get punished. You will get lots of rushes of adrenaline as Lauren and Zara try to keep one step ahead of the people who are chasing them. There is plenty of emotional drama and turmoil as a family is split and tough choices are made. There is a lot of emphasis put on the perfect relationship between Lauren and Aidan and how them being apart was so difficult for both of them. And whilst at times I felt some irritation towards Lauren I also felt empathetic towards her dilemma. 'How to Disappear' will make you think twice about doing the right thing and serves as a reminder just how open all of our lives are when we live them on the Internet and social media. This was a well-written book that held a steady pace. I felt perhaps there was too much of a clear divide between the good guys and the bad guys with almost stereotypical traits and situations being used, but look beyond this and this is very much a thrilling read.

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