Jeffrey Archer

Hidden In Plain Sight

"one of the best storytellers around today"


Newly promoted, Detective Sergeant William Warwick has been reassigned to the drugs squad. His first case: to investigate a notorious south London drug lord known as the Viper.

But as William and his team close the net around a criminal network unlike any they have ever encountered, he is also faced with an old enemy, Miles Faulkner. It will take all of William’s cunning to devise a means to bring both men to justice; a trap neither will expect, one that is hidden in plain sight…

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Archer is such a masterful and consummate teller of tales that only after a few pages in, he sweeps away his reader. Archer is not shy at showing that Warwick has his failings as well as being a hero, and even then, not everything goes according to plan. It makes William Warwick more human which is something Archer is adept at doing. Not only does he concentrate on Warwick’s job, but also his personal life with an upcoming wedding and a baby on the way. As usual, nothing goes smoothly and even at his wedding someone is out to cause mischief! Familiar faces are back from the first book with roles to Warwick’s father and sister, Sir Julian and Grace doing their best in a riveting courtroom sequence to nail down rogue, Miles Faulkner who is up to his usual tricks and doing his level best to cheat his soon to be ex-wife out of her settlement. Is it wrong of me to like Miles, while at the same time not trusting him an inch? There isn’t much of a gap between Faulkner and his dodgy QC, Booth Watson who has his own racket going on, although Watson does not bring off the bounder vibe quite like Faulkner. I flew through Archer’s latest adventure, especially as the net drew tighter on The Viper. It really was a case of sparks rising flying from the pages as I was turning them so fast!! Some things appear to be tied up, but as with life, there are enough loose ends to be picked up in the next book, and Archer has left plenty of tasty morsels hanging to be equally enthralling. If you want a thumping good read this Christmas, then Archer will transport you back to the 80s with Warwick and co. Highly entertaining from one of the best storytellers around today.

Reviewed By:

Chris Simmons