Barbara Nadel


""I can always rely on Barbara Nadel for a roaring good story." "


Inspector Ikmen is invited to a charity fund raising event by his friend Arto Sarkissian. It is a murder mystery evening in one of Istanbul's glossiest hotels in aid of Arto's brother's project helping drug addicts. Agatha Christie once stayed in the hotel and the entertainment is being led by a group of professional actors. It is promised to be 'fun', a fact which fills Inspector Ikmen with dread. Only very reluctantly is he persuaded to attend.

When one of the actors is discovered dead in the very room once used by Agatha Christie, things begin to go downhill. At the same time as the discovery, armed gunmen take over the hotel and start making demands. Ikmen is left with a challenge that has to be met in time in order to save lives. This is a game of puzzles with deadly intent and Ikmen and Suleyman rise to the challenge, although there are a few bodies left on the way.

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Inspector Ikmen is a down to earth, deep thinking man. He is compassionate and conscientious, but somewhat nostalgic for the old Istanbul. He is a contrast to the smooth aristocratic Inspector Suleyman. Together they provide a formidable team. The plot of 'Deadline' is a little fantastical story - how many people have considered the possibility of a murder mystery evening turning into the real thing - but Nadel pulls it off with great style. This is no simple murder. There are evil machinations, revenge, greed and a convoluted plot to confuse and entertain. The usual characters are there and it is good to catch up with Ayse Farsakoglu and Izzet Melik and their tortured relationship. I can always rely on Barbara Nadel for a roaring good story. Her Turkish novels are set in an exotic background very familiar to her and completely authentic. 'Deadline' is no exception and is an excellent addition to this captivating and engaging series.

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