Peter Robinson

Careless Love

"..another superbly plotted tale of mystery and suspense which is Robinson’s forte.."


DCI Banks is called out to see the body of a young woman found incongruously in a crashed car abandoned on the moors and marked by Police signs of Police Aware. Investigations seem to indicate that she has committed suicide, unlikely as that seems to her friends. Shortly afterwards another body is found in odd circumstances: a well-dressed businessman discovered at the foot of a ravine on the moors, with no apparent means of accessing the isolated spot.

Both deaths could be innocent but both have elements that make Banks uneasy. As the investigations continue, a disturbing set of circumstances lead to a frightening reminder of past encounters. Underneath the façade of respectability and calm lies a murky and unsavoury truth.

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This is another superbly plotted tale of mystery and suspense which is Robinson's forte. Apparently 'straightforward' crimes take on another dimension that leads far away from the Yorkshire moors and characters emerge with a frighteningly evil and amoral agenda. At the heart of the enjoyment is the cast of familiar and loved characters that have developed over the series. In each book they develop; no one is perfect, each has his own human failings and they behave as ordinary people do, warts and all. A long running series like this one has some of the appeal of a soap opera as you wait to see how the lives of the characters develop. A new character, Zelda, appears in this book who promises to add a touch of the exotic to the mix. This is another excellent read from Peter Robinson.

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