Mike Craven

Born in a Burial Gown

"..a tightly-written debut from an author who is going places"


D.I. Avison Fluke of the Cumbrian Force Major Investigation Team is sent to investigate a body found on a building site. He soon realises he's on the trail of a professional killer.

Fighting to recover from a life-threatening illness he strives to juggle the case amid hospital visits and conflict with his superiors. As the investigation progresses, the few leads he finds, all lead to dead-ends. With pressure mounting, he has to battle his own ill-health as he strives to identify and catch the killer.

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This is a tightly-written debut from an author who is going places. Packed with procedural detail, believable characters and rich dialogue it will keep you turning those pages long after bedtime. Avison Fluke is a fine creation who has more than a hint of the noir about him. He's ably supported by his team, especially the sublime Matt Towler. The other characters are all finely drawn especially Nathaniel Diamond. The plot kept me guessing the killer's identity right to the end and even then I was miles off hitting the target. The prose is faultless for a debut author, but for me the best part of the novel was the characterisation of the major characters. Mike Craven is one to watch out for as 'Born in a Burial Gown' is an accomplished debut. I look forward to reading more Avison Fluke novels in the future.

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