Kathy Reichs

Bones of the Lost

"This book returns to the style of Reich’s earlier novels."


Temperance Brennan is called in when a young girl's body is found by the side of the road. The police officer investigating thinks it is an accident involving an illegal Latino prostitute, but Brennan thinks otherwise. As always, she tenaciously sticks to her belief and uncovers a web of abuse and international crime that even takes her to Afghanistan where her daughter is serving in the military. Always a defender of the underdog, Brennan doggedly and even foolishly puts herself in danger to find out the truth.

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This book returns to the style of Reich's earlier novels. It is a fast moving story, cleverly put together, with an easy readable style. The undoubted expertise and insider knowledge of Reichs, underpins the book. In some of the more recent books I found the style had altered and become grating. This one harps back to earlier days and I welcome it. Also I didn't notice so many references to the I-phone as in the last book I read! I open a new Kathy Reichs knowing that I will find a good story and an exciting read. It is a book to take on holiday as you know you will enjoy the journey without requiring great intellectual effort. Brennan's relationships have matured and the book ends in an almost philosophical style. Her two loves are at critical points in their lives. How will Kathy deal with this? I await the next book to find out.

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