Kathy Reichs

Bones Never Lie

"There is no one who can surpass the expert knowledge of Kathy Reichs..."


A young girl murdered in Vermont is linked to another case years later in Carolina. Tempe Brennan is called in as DNA points to the perpetrator being one Anique Pomerlau, a very unpleasant reminder from the past of one of Brennan's cases that was never satisfactorily concluded. When another young girl goes missing, Tempe has to find her erstwhile colleague and lover, Andrew Ryan who has taken leave of absence to recover from the tragic death of his daughter.

Together, as they tentatively renew their working relationship, they track down what has happened to Pomerlau, who seems to be taunting Brennan with her inability to close in on her. But it is not as simple as finding Pomerlau. The evil acts she committed cast long shadows and it is only dedicated policing and inspired research that finally stops the trail of devastation she began.

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Kathy Reichs has perfected the crime novel that uses the expertise of a medical professional to solve the crime. This latest book exemplifies all that is good in the genre. There is no one who can surpass the expert knowledge of Kathy Reichs and her experience must provide her with a wealth of ideas for a story. The style is fast and no punches are pulled. Brennan is a 'no nonsense' professional with a softer side which is well-hidden. As always, the plot is complex and intriguing, the characters engaging and the relationship between Tempe and Ryan constantly surprising. Fans of Reichs will be very happy with her latest book.

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