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April Author of the Month is Ashley Dyer who you may not have heard of before, but that is because it is a new pseudonym from the pen of Margaret Murphy who has now teamed up with forensic scientist, Helen Pepper to bring us this exciting new series featuring DS Ruth Lake. Not only is she investigating murders committed by the newly titled, ‘Thorn Killer’, but Ruth Lake has some very dark secrets of her own as well! Reviewer and writer, Michael Wood loved Splinter in the Blood and was adamant it was given the Author of the Month award for April.

Fresh Blood for April is Olivia Kiernan and her dark, dark debut, Too Close to Breathe. Frankie Sheehan is Kiernan’s protagonist: a woman who is stern, but yet also vulnerable. Having been seriously assaulted during her last case, Sheehan knows what it is like to be a victim to a vicious crime. Her first case back from leave is the hanging of Eleanor Costello. An apparent suicide, it appears an open and shut case, but then one small detail proves it was otherwise and Sheehan is plunged in to the Dark Web and those who like to roll the dice between life and death. This is a very dark and intriguing book to kick-start what feels a very promising series.

Reviews this month include Ragnar Jónasson, Alex Gray, Joseph Knox, Lindsey Davis and others, with more to come during April.

Classic Crime is American suspense writer, Ursula Curtiss. Curtiss came from a line of crime writers. Her mother was the crime writer, Helen Reilly and her sister was also a well-known writer of the genre, Mary McMullen. Curtiss has been on my radar for many years, but only now have I got round to reading my first book of hers: (Letter of Intent). I now wonder why it took me so long to get round to Curtiss, but I will certainly be reading more suspense novels by this clever and tricky writer.

Events page is a piece from Saul David, the author of the new Zulu Hart novel, The Prince and the Whitechapel Murders. Major George Hart is back from Africa and asked to keep an eye on Prince Albert Victor who is a possible target for some assassins. Added to the mix are a series of gruesome murders committed by the now legendary, Jack the Ripper. Read Saul David’s piece on how his novel came to be written.

The Penguin microsite features Icelandic sensation, Ragnar Jónasson to celebrate the release of The Darkness, a new series featuring Detective Inspector Hulda Hermannsdóttir. For those fans of his Ari Thor novels – you are in for a huge treat!!

Penguin Microsite

Top Ten will be changed soon to highlight some of the most exciting books that are coming our way in 2018. You will definitely need your diary to hand as some of these forthcoming titles are definitely not to be missed.

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