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Author of the Month is Sheila Bugler and her new astounding psychological thriller, I Could Be You. Bugler’s new psychological thriller is astounding. It really knocked my socks off (and I don’t say that often…) and I ripped my way through ‘I Could Be You’. I couldn’t leave it alone until I had reached that suspenseful climax. This really is a stunning book and shows how remarkable a writer Sheila Bugler is. I feel this will be one of my faves for 2020!

Fresh Blood this month is Hold Your Tongue by Deborah Masson. Someone is going around committing horrific murders. Masson certainly knows how the racket up the pace in her debut and this kept me awake until 3am! Always a good sign, even if it means I am wiped out the following day from lack of sleep! Check out the FB page when Deborah sends in her answers to my Q&A.

Reviews this month includes a number of new writers alongside established writers. They include Daniel Cole, Robert Bryndza, Elly Griffiths, C.J. Tudor plus many more.

Classic Crime will feature Ruth Rendell and one of my favourite Rendell’s… A Sight For Sore Eyes. For me, Teddy Brex is one of Rendell’s best and menacing creations. Not because he is evil, but he is misguided, unlearned, and even though it was something we had not quite grasped back in 1998, possibly autistic. This is one of those books I have read several times over the years and every time I get something new from it. This time was the obsessive behaviour of Francine’s stepmother, Julia which is so intense. Regardless if you’re new to Rendell’s work or an old fan like me, then this is certainly one of her best from her latter output and one to savour.

Events features the newly crowned CWA Gold Dagger Winner 202019 for The Puppet ShowM.W. Craven. Check out his interview with Crimesquad.com.

Top Ten will be back soon! For now, you can still see some of the Christmas books we highly recommended.

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