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July Author of the Month is Martyn Waites who is back writing under his own name after writing as Tania Carver since 2009. Now, after eight Carver novels, Waites is back under his own name with new characters, the main one being Tom Killgannon, a man with a past he is hiding from in the small Cornish village of St. Petroc. This is no idyllic village in Cornwall. It is a forgotten village. The young folk have moved to where the jobs are, the shops are vanishing due to nobody having any money and matters look set to get worse with Brexit on the horizon. Amongst all this is Tom Killgannon who just wants to keep low, but matters continue to make him put his head above the parapet – and discovery…

Fresh Blood for June is the CWA Debut Dagger Shortlisted, Jo Jakeman and her Domestic Noir debut, Sticks and Stones which already appears to be a runaway success. Jakeman has created one bad man in the shape of Philip Rochester who tormented the women in his life. Here, Jakeman’s tale shows how those women took their revenge.

Reviews this month include Chris Simms (no relation to me!), Sarah Pinborough, M.J. Ford, Wendy Walker and Stephen King plus another classic from the pen of Georges Simenon.

Classic Crime will throw a spotlight on Robert Bloch and his famous creation, Norman Bates from his classic novel, Psycho.

This year I have been re-reading the Adam Dalgliesh novels from the remarkable pen of P.D. James. Reading them in order, the latest I have read was Shroud for a Nightingale. I will be writing about this book and James’ character in more detail on the Events page in July.

The Penguin microsite features Icelandic sensation, Alex Grecian to celebrate the release of The Wolf, a new series featuring the mysterious Nazi hunter, Travis Roan. Sent to rural Kansas, Roan joins forces with State Trooper Skottie Foster to hunt the infamous war criminal known as Rudolph Bormann. This was one of those books that pulled me in from the first chapter!

Penguin Microsite

Yes, despite the wet weather we have been having in the U.K., we are now turning our thoughts to that summer holiday, whether here or abroad. So, Top Ten will be changed soon to highlight some of the most exciting holiday reads that you will definitely want to pack in your suitcase – and there are some corkers included!

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