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January Author of the Month Graham Smith highlighted March’s candidate for Author of the Month and demanded that it be Craig Russell and his fantastic standalone novel, The Devil Aspect. When a writer says a book is as good as… or even better than ‘The Silence of the Lambs, then it does get you sitting up straight! So, of course there was no argument to make Craig Russell our Author of the Month in March!!

N.B. Craig Russell was our first ever Fresh Blood author all the way back in March 2005, so it feels apt that fourteen years later he is our Author of the Month.

Fresh Blood will be Dominic Nolan and his debut, Past Life which was a complete and unexpected surprise and one that will keep you riveted to the last page!

Reviews this month includes a number of new writers alongside established writers. They include Janet Evanovich, Susan Wilkins, C>J Tudor and J.D. Barker plus another Maigret and a short story from P.D. James .

Classic Crime will arrive soon in the shape of The Children of Men by P.D. James. I had the honour of meeting P.D. James several times over the years and meeting her in her London home. She was always very polite and right to the end of her public life, she was always had a sharp intelligence. I told her once that ‘The Children of Men’ was my favourite of her books and she was so pleased as on its release, the book hadn’t sold well and James was advised to stick to Dalgliesh. It gave me great pleasure when years later the film directed by Alfonso Cuarón became a blockbuster at the cinema and in turn the book shot up the book charts. It was obviously one of those books that was a slow-burner, but James had been right all along.

Events highlights a non-fiction book called King Com by Paul Willetts. They do say that fact can be stranger than fiction and that is never shown to better effect than with this book as Willetts chronicles the life of Edgar Laplante, conman extraordinaire who fleeced millions from those who fell for his sweet patter and lies. Here, Willetts tells how he was first introduced to Edgar who pulled his greatest stunt during the 20’s and 30’s. If you wrote this as a novel, people would say they would never believe the plot! So, be prepared to swallow a lot of what Edgar got away with as truth! His story really does beggar belief!

I am putting together a Top Ten of books to hunt down in the first half of 2019, although I can’t believe we are on the 1st March already! I will get it done this month, but the books keep sifting and shifting as I read more books that have been a complete and utter surprise, but haven’t been on my radar! It has left me scratching my head as some that have promised much, delivered little and vice versa. I promise I will nail down this Top Ten before the middle of this month… unless another unexpected gem suddenly rolls up and takes me by surprise! That is the joy of finding a great book you didn’t even know existed until you open up that first page. Top Ten

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