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We start off 2019 with our January Author of the Month being Graham Smith who starts a new series featuring PC Beth Young, a new arrival at the Cumbrian FMIT in Death In The Lakes. Beth has both mental and physical scars and sees an investigation in a different way to her colleagues. As with her team, she is determined to catch a twisted killer little realising that the one she hunts also has Beth in their sights! This is a fast paced and gripping police procedural which will thrill you with every page. If you havenít discovered Graham Smith before, then this is the perfect jumping on book to read a developing writer find his stride.

Fresh Blood for January starts with a few whispered rumours at the school gateÖ just a little piece of tittle-tattle, gossip, now moreÖ or is it? The Rumour by Lesley Kara is a masterpiece of how a rumour or simple gossip can inflate and start the wheels of motion to begin a whole chain of maliciousness. Are the rumours of a child murderer from the 60ís living in the village true? If so, who can it be? Taking inspiration from the infamous Mary Bell case, The Rumour is one of those books you canít put down as a small village begins to turn on itself and the fingers of blame are pointed at each and every one.

Reviews this month include Robert Scragg, Lee Child, Josephine Tey, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with more added throughout the month.

Classic Crime in January continues to feature one of my all-time favourite crime/psychological writers, Margaret Millar with a new re-issue of Vanish In An Instant. I have loved Millarís books since the early 1990ís and have handed out many of her books to friends and family. In recent years, more and more of her books have come back in to print which can only be a cause of celebration. ĎVanish in an Instantí is one of my favourites of Millarís body of work and one I am sure you will love as well.

Events highlights a non-fiction book called King Con by Paul Willetts. They do say that fact can be stranger than fiction and that is never shown to better effect than with this book as Willetts chronicles the life of Edgar Laplante, conman extraordinaire who fleeced millions from those who fell for his sweet patter and lies. Here, Willetts tells how he was first introduced to Edgar who pulled his greatest stunt during the 20ís and 30ís. If you wrote this as a novel, people would say they would never believe the plot! So, be prepared to swallow a lot of what Edgar got away with as truth! His story really does beggar belief!

The Penguin microsite highlights Chris Mooneyís latest novel featuring Investigator Darby McCormick deals with a disappearance of a young girl eleven years ago. There is a prime suspect, but without any proof he has never been charged. Now, on his death bed, Darby expects a confession to his crimes, but what she learns turns the case on its head. Again, Mooney delivers a pulse-racing case which will have you flipping those pages at a rapid pace until you reach the shocking conclusion.

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Our Top Ten of 2018 will be online very soon, but for the moment you can still enjoy our Christmas Top Ten which does feature books which donít necessarily need to be read over the festive season! Top Ten

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