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Author of the Month continues to be C.L. Taylor with her thumping new novel, Sleep for the first half of June. ĎSleepí is one of those rare books that grabs you by the throat and wonít let go until the final page has been turned. Well, thatís what happened to me one afternoon. Anything else that needed to be done that afternoon was swept to the side as page after page slipped quickly by, my brain wanting to do anything but sleepÖ I just needed to know what was going to happen next! Check out my review and C.L. Taylorís Q&A now online. I guarantee Sleep will keep you awake!! The latter half of June will highlight Denise Mina and her new thriller, Conviction

Fresh Blood will change after I come back from New York, so for the latter part of June it will be S. R. Masters and his debut, which will go on the latter part of June.

Reviews this month includes a number of new writers alongside established writers. They include John Marrs, Anne Randall, Thomas Harris, Jacqueline Winspear, Tana French and many more to make it a bumper month of Reviews!

Classic Crime celebrates that great Agatha Christie classic, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Nearly 95 years since its publication, it is still entertaining many, with others dissecting how this novel had such a startling effect on the crime fiction scene. The Folio Society have released a gorgeous edition with stunning illustrations. This is a worthy addition to any lover of Christieís work.

Events features James Ellroy and the new stunning omnibus editions that have just been released in the Everyman Classic series. The Empress of Noir, Cathi Unsworth has been a massive fan of Ellroy for decades and here she sends her love letter to the master of his craft.

I am still putting together a Top Ten of books to hunt down in the first half of 2019, although I canít believe we are in June already! I had hoped to get it done before now, but the books keep sifting and shifting as I read more books that have been a complete and utter surprise, but havenít been on my radar! It has left me scratching my head as some that have promised much, delivered little and vice versa. I promise I will nail down this Top Ten soonÖ unless another unexpected gem suddenly rolls up and takes me by surprise! That is the joy of finding a great book you didnít even know existed until you open up that first page.

Top Ten

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