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September Author of the Month is Martin Edwards has read a lot of crime novels from the 30’s and 40’s in the past few years with his work bringing lost classics back to print in the British Library Crime Classics series. I imagine that reading novels from that time sparked the idea which is now in the form of Gallows Court. Here Edwards assembles a wonderfully bizarre cast of characters headed by the mysterious Rachel Savernake. Daughter of a famous judge, this young woman works within the shadows, but is she for good or evil… or does she fall between the two? This is a most beguiling start to what I hope becomes a series as this has all the wonderful hallmarks of a homage to the Golden Era of crime fiction. This book resonates Christie with the superb wit and observation of Sayers. This is not a pastiche, but definitely pays tribute to all those crime writers of yesteryear.

Fresh Blood for August is the Ngaio Marsh 2018 Winner for Best First Novel, Jennifer Lane and her stunning and heartfelt debut, All Our Secrets. I was honoured to be a judge for the Debut Crime Novel for the Ngaio Marsh Awards this year. To celebrate this author’s win I have carried over this amazing book as it is one of the finest and most heartfelt novels I have read this year. This beautifully told tale of a young girl’s involvement in murders in her small town. Gracie is a ball of confusion and the upheaval dealt to her life causes her to be even more fractious. With tones of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, this is a fantastic and assured debut novel from a rare talent.

Reviews this month include Neil Broadfoot, Flynn Berry, Luke Delaney, Matt Hilton, Stephen Booth, Simon Lelic and many others plus classics from the pen of Georeges Simenon and Shelley Smith.

Classic Crime on the next British Library Crime Classics series featuring Julian Symons… coming soon in September.

Jørn Lier Horst writes on our
Events page in August to publicise his new crime novel, The Katharina Code. he asks and tries to answer the question as to why we are so fascinated with crime when it is so often violent and the ripples of such a crime effects all those left behind when someone has been killed. It is a fascinating piece from an author who has first-hand experience having worked for the police force.

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Well, who would have thought we would be enjoying such amazing weather this summer! Whether you enjoy the heat or not, this is a perfect opportunity to sit out in the garden and read a gripping book as the days begin to chill, so best get as much sun as possible in the short time we have before the cold arrives. In October I will put together a Christmas Top Ten. Yes, I know… as always, we are plunging headlong towards the Festive Season! But in the meantime, enjoy the sun!

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