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Apologies to all those who have logged on to Crimesquad in order to see October's 'Author of the Month' and 'Fresh Blood' and many other wonderful reviews of crime fiction. September was a mad month to put it politely, dealing with solicitors, (which is a polite way of saying, 'I was banging my head against a brick wall...' trying to get my uncle's house sold so he could move nearer to his family. It is amazing the days that were swallowed up chasing people who were being paid to do their job. Anyway, it is done now, and uncle is finally moving in to his new place on the 3rd October (which will be his 79th birthday).

However, all this has taken a toll and something had to give while I ran around, getting a lot done... and then sometimes feeling as though I was running on the spot... so, although, thanks to the fabulous Crimesquad reviewers, I have reviews to put on, time escaped me and I could not put it all on for the first of the month. So, October will be added to bit by bit. My apologies...

Also, to add to the mix I am having a procedure on my knee this Thursday (the day after I move Uncle Gerald in...), so at least I can get Crimesquad reviews online, as well as catching up with some long overdue reading during my enforced convalescence.

So, Crimesquad is still going, just taking a little hiatus, (only twice in over thirteen years is not too bad), and new reviews will be up very soon.

Thank you for your patience and if you follow me, I am sure, knowing my family, a picture of me on crutches will be online soon!



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Chris Simmons
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