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Author of the Month for May is Syd Moore. Crime writer, Cathi Unsworth is a huge fan of Syd’s work and Moore’s latest, Strange Magic takes her to a whole new stratosphere. Based on the true story of the witch, Ursula Kemp, Moore has woven a spellbinding story around fact and produced a sublime piece of fiction that will grip you like a witch’s curse! This is the first of a planned series and definitely one worth jumping on board. If you like the Ben Aaronovitch series, then Syd Moore's is one you will want to read.

Fresh Blood has been nominated by crime writer and reviewer, Sheila Bugler. Lola by Melissa Scrivner Love . I sent this to Sheila with the feeling that she might enjoy this book. Little did I know that she would be raving about it! It is funny how one can get a ‘feeling’ about a book for someone else like a friend and hit the bullseye. Well, I certainly did with ‘Lola’ as it is now Fresh Blood for May!

We have a bumper number of fantastic Reviews from all the Crimesquad team including the likes of Barbara Nadel, Emma Kavanagh, Dennis Lehane, Donna Leon, Sandrone Dazieri and Philip Kerr plus many others and more to come throughout May.

Classic Crime celebrates Colin Dexter and his marvellous creation, Inspector Morse. Dexter’s detective stood out from the crowd as a man who liked his ale, was particularly mean with his money and was unexpectedly a bit of a Lothario with the ladies! He could also be stubborn and on more than one occasion was so adamant at his own infallibility that he ended up arresting the wrong person. It is this human side of Morse that endeared him to so many of Dexter’s readers as well as the millions who watched, (and still watch) the TV episodes. Dexter’s passing is a very sad occasion, but his legacy is one that will forever stay in the halls of crime fiction lore.

Check out the Events page and read about how The Detection Club brought about their modern day homage to the Golden Age of Crime writers collaboration, The Floating Admiral. Just out in paperback, The Sinking Admiral involves members from The Detection Club, headed by then Chair, Simon Brett. Read his account of how the idea became a reality between book covers!

The Penguin microsite features Nuala Ellwood and her debut crime novel, My Sister’s Bones. Penguin Microsite

Top Ten is on hiatus for the moment, but will be back!

To check out all our past reviews use the Review Archive. Search under author surname and author Christian name if you can’t recall the surname. And for good measure you can also search under the title of the book. Simply click on the box at the top of the page and then click on to the letter of the author/title you would like to find. As you will see, we have reviewed a huge amount of books during's twelve years. Have a wander round our archives and I hope you will find something you might have missed first time around!

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