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Author of the Month continues to be Laura Lippman with her sublime novel, Lady in the Lake. Her new novel involves a crime, but it is so much more. It is a portrait of Baltimore in 1966, a story of a white woman trying to make her mark and being too interested in the death of a black woman. A case nobody wants to pursue. Lippman’s writing is sublime and she transported me to 1966 with ease. Her prose is suave and crackles with suspense and tension. This is why I have decided her book has to be highlighted on the Author of the Month page. During the course of September the Author of the Month page will change, so keep tuned in!

Fresh Blood is Noelle Holten and her amazing debut, Dead Inside. Noelle has been a huge presence on the crime scene for a number of years with her book blog. She has now written her own crime novel and has brought her own experience as a probation officer in to her stunning and gripping plot. This is truly gripping stuff and a book you must not miss!

Reviews this month includes a number of new writers alongside established writers. They include Vaseem Khan, Joseph Knox, Ashley Dyer, Stephen Booth and a wonderful supernatural tale from Jonathan Aycliffe, plus many more.

Classic Crime will soon be online.

Events features James Ellroy and the new stunning omnibus editions that have just been released in the Everyman Classic series. The Empress of Noir, Cathi Unsworth has been a massive fan of Ellroy for decades and here she sends her love letter to the master of his craft.

If you are intending a late holiday, my Top Ten book for the holidays will show my recommendations to throw into your suitcase and enjoy on the beach!

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