Judith Flanders

Writer’s Block

"...raised more than one or two wry smiles."


Samantha Clair is an editor in a publishing house and her speciality is chick lit. She has a long standing friendship with Kit Lovell, a fashion journalist and author of a manuscript about the death of a well- known fashion designer. When Sam decides to publish it, she steps into a world of ambition, greed and a ruthless desire to win that takes her away from her comfortable life. A motor cyclist courier is attacked and all his parcels have disappeared; Sam's flat is searched; Kit cannot be contacted. Thoroughly rattled, Sam decides to take matters into her own hands and investigate some of the allegations. Sam calls in her formidable lawyer mother to help, and Inspector Field of the Met tries to protect her and reign in some of her dangerous plans.

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Written with an insider's view of publishing, the sardonic comments on the people and practices of the industry are a delight in themselves and raised more than one or two wry smiles. The story itself is straightforward. There are high stakes if the money laundering using high fashion as a front is exposed, and the truth behind the death of fashion designer Rodrigo Aleman will do just that. So Kit Lovell's book must be suppressed by whatever means it takes. Samantha Clair is an innocent abroad but she has friends and family who are much savvier and together they unravel the strands that lead to the orchestrator of the plot. This all leads to a very satisfying result. The characters are interesting, and in many cases, amusing. It is easy to engage with Sam and her mother and the romantic interest adds to the enjoyment. I liked this book a lot and look forward to the next instalment from Flanders.

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