Alan Glynn


"Winterland is engrossing, topical and highly memorable."


It's a cold night in Dublin. A night in which two men with the same name, from the same family are killed. One death has all the hallmarks of a gangland murder; the other is apparently a road accident. The official line is that it all a horrible and tragic coincidence for the Rafferty family. But then a member of the extended family starts asking questions.

Gina Rafferty is devastated. Her grief, however, is tempered by anger. An anger which drives her on to ask more questions and the more people try to re-assure her that it was only a coincidence the less she is prepared to accept it.

The younger dead man was part of a Dublin gang; the older a prominent businessman in Ireland's burgeoning economy and the more that Gina digs the more she is convinced that somebody is hiding something.

Determined to get to the truth she approaches men who have connections with both of the deceased - on both sides of the law - and ends up pushing some very powerful and dangerous people to their limits.

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The cover information for a book that mentions big business and gangs is one that would normally have me pass on it, so it was with less than positive expectations that I actually picked this one up. I couldn't have been more wrong. From the first line I was hooked. Glynn's prose is engaging and evokes an atmosphere and characters that draw you effortlessly into the world of Winterland. This book is unusual in that you know from page 44 who the killer is and why, but in the author's skilled hands this does not detract from your reading experience; it simply racks up the tension. Gina Rafferty is a wonderfully sympathetic character. Clever and intuitive, she quickly picks up on the contradictions of the situation. Initially, Gina is helpless and hapless in the face of all of these powerful men, but she refuses to give in. Her challenge and her growth into it are beautifully drawn by the author; her chutzpah and vulnerability pull you on side and act as the driver to push you hungrily through the story. Another author I urge you to watch out for. Winterland is engrossing, topical and highly memorable.

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