Sheila Bugler

When the Dead Speak

"..Bugler was hoodwinking me so much with her labyrinthine plot."


When the murdered body of Lauren Shaw is discovered laid out on the altar of St Mary the Virgin church in Eastbourne it sends a chill to the core of those who have lived in the area for a long time. They remember another woman, also young and pretty, whose slain corpse was placed in the same spot 60 years ago.

Dee Doran is as intrigued as the rest but focused on her investigation of the whereabouts of a missing person from the Polish community. The police weren't interested but Dee's journalistic instincts tell her something is amiss.

But as she starts asking questions Dee finds the answers all point to the same conclusion - someone is keeping secrets and they will do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

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This second investigation for Dee is just as gripping as her first, the spellbinding, 'I Could Be You'. This past case is explained by diary entries and although they take up only part of the book, I found myself becoming more fascinated by the past case. What Bugler does so well, is she gets under your skin. Not only does she drive her plot forward with action, but also with the emotions of the players in her drama. The pain of those left behind, the ripples of murder and the lives it destroys. Bugler brought all of these to the fore, especially with the diary entries. Another part of the drama is Dee and Ed's relationship, which takes a battering due to this murder uncovering a whole raft of secrets, past and present which create friction between our main protagonists. Dee is not the kind to be jumping over car bonnets or swinging from buildings, although she has the determination of a Rottweiler. Once she gets on the scent, there is no distracting her. It is this tenacity that gets her results and makes Dee even more endearing, even though she has a few blunt edges and has had a tough ride of it. Again, I flew through the pages, desperate to find out what had happened as Bugler was hoodwinking me so much with her labyrinthine plot. My advice is to clear your diary, this is one book you won't be able to put down.

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