Gytha Lodge

Watching from the Dark

""I am sure you will cry out, ‘Of course that was who it was!’.""


Aidan Poole calls the police to report the possible murder of his girlfriend Zoe. He claims to have heard a scuffle when on Skype to her, but having called in to report it he hangs up without leaving his name or contact details. After being alerted by Zoe's friend the police arrive at Zoe's flat to find her body. Zoe is a talented, up and coming artist who has the kindness and empathy to reach out to many of her friends who need her support. Her erstwhile flatmate, her work colleagues, her neighbours are all sure that Zoe is much loved and nobody would wish her harm. As the book progresses we learn the everyone connected to Zoe has secrets that might give them cause to harm this seemingly innocent girl. It has to be someone that knows Zoe who has been driven to kill her.

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Gytha Lodge has produced another intriguing and gripping thriller. Zoe is a character who does not deserve to die so terribly but each of her close friends have something that they desperately need to hide. As the book proceeds each one of them seems a likely candidate for her murderer, but one by one they are ruled out. Gytha Lodge has a deft touch with her characters. They are original and a very modern group of people, representative of life today.The twist at the end is unexpected, but completely believable. I am sure you will cry out, 'Of course that was who it was!'. This is an easy read, completely drawing you in to the action and at this time a very welcome way of passing a few hours away in escapist retreat.

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