Arnaldur Indridason


"'… by far his best to date.'"


A doorman in a Reykjavik hotel is stabbed to death in the basement and left dressed in his Santa outfit.

Erlundur, the detective investigating has to navigate the myriad of characters that both reside and work in the hotel. However, it soon becomes apparent that the murder is connected to the victim’s brief brush with fame when he was a child. The cherubic choirboy with the voice of an angel has somehow ended up in a dingy basement to meet an untimely end...

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This is the third book from Indridason published in England - and by far his best to date. The investigation is both routine (the dreary killing of a friendless porter) and, yet, interesting as the life of the victim emerges. The character of Erlendur is suitably dark and the book, along with all of Indridason’s, documents his daughter’s battle with drug dependency. Yet there is something about this novel that takes the story beyond his other books to date and manages to produce a heart-felt murder mystery.

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