Gregg Olsen

Victim 6

"...if you have a cast iron stomach this may be the one for you!"


The bodies are found in towns and cities around Puget Sound. The young women who are the victims had nothing in common... except the agony of their final moments. But somebody carefully chose them to stalk, capture, and torture – a depraved killer whose cunning is matched only by the depth of his bloodlust. But the dying has only just begun. And the next victim will be the most shocking of all.

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'Victim 6' is a novel that focuses more on the gruesome and violent aspects of the crimes rather than the investigation, with the detectives being somewhat hapless, disorganised and inefficient in their ability to solve a crime. I was disappointed that there was no explanation for any of the crimes or the behaviours or those carrying them out. Certain clues were sought out by the police but never followed through, giving the book a slightly unfinished feel. The characters all seemed to have really annoying names which didn't endear me to them, and there was a lot of characters so at times it was hard to follow who was who. However, I did find that despite these negatives there were plenty of positives to the book. I enjoyed Olsen's style of writing and he has a great way of engaging the reader's interest. Even though the plot was a little predictable, Olsen managed to make me read until the end. Definitely not a book for those that are prone to nightmares, but if you have a cast iron stomach this may be the one for you!

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