Wilbur Smith

Vicious Circle

"...I found ‘Vicious Circle’ to be an enthralling romp which by turn moved, invigorated and demanded my attention."


When Hector Cross's life is overturned, he at once recognises the hand of a ruthless enemy he's faced many times before. A terrorist group has emerged scorpion-like from beneath a rock. Determined to fight back, Cross draws together a team of trusted friends and goes on the offensive. Together they travel to the remotest parts of the Middle East to hunt down Cross's foes.

Cross has a precious newborn daughter who he'll go to any lengths to protect and when he learns of the danger she is in, he moves to strike hard against his enemies.

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'Vicious Circle' sees a return to form for Wilbur Smith after being disappointed by his last novel. He's back to what he does best and that's a grand style adventure novel, filled with gunfire, love, loss and, of course, Africa. From the onset you are made to care about Hector Cross's plight and one particularly brilliant moment moved me almost to the point of tears. The plotting is strong if a little predictable (I guessed the major plot shifts long before they were told) although this didn't detract any enjoyment for me, as I always like to pit my wits against the author. As ever with Smith's characters nothing is quite as it initially appears although there are clear demarcations between good and evil. Cross is a strong hero in the mould of a modern day Sean Courtney, while Carl is an evil psychotic. The novel steps away from its main story for at least a hundred pages as Smith introduces a fascinating back story by way of an explanation. Throughout I found 'Vicious Circle' to be an enthralling romp which by turn moved, invigorated and demanded my attention.

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