Joseph Finder


"..a labyrinth of plots and false leads..."


Lauren Heller and her husband, Roger, are out to dinner one night when they're brutally attacked. Twenty-four hours later, Lauren awakes in the hospital to find that her husband has vanished without a trace. The only one who has any chance of finding him is his brother, Nick, a high powered investigator with a private intelligence firm.

Nick Heller is tough, smart, and stubborn. Trained in the Special Forces, he specializes in digging up secrets that powerful people would rather keep hidden. He and his brother have been estranged ever since the imprisonment of their notorious billionaire father. But Nick will do anything to protect Lauren and her son. He never backs down. Even if it means taking on the most lethal enemies he's ever had to face.

Plunged headlong into a desperate chase, Nick begins making shocking discoveries about his brother's life - and about the giant defence contractor he works for. Now, in order to keep Lauren and her teenage son alive, Nick must take on a powerful and deadly conspiracy that will stop at nothing to protect its secrets.

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Vanished introduces Nick Heller, a maverick investigator who uses any way or means to do his job. He is an interesting character who is a bit of a loner and I feel there is a lot more to his character that will be revealed in future novels. Vanished has a labyrinth of plots and false leads, and whilst I felt the book took a while to get into, once I was hooked there was no putting it down. The slow start was perhaps due to the original characters being a little dull but things soon pick up once Nick Heller gets going. The book is very well written, and Nick Heller, whilst not exactly a nice person is also someone with a dry sense of humour and a man you cant help but like. However, I felt the plot was slightly tired with the commercial espionage/one man trying to solve the crime. Finder certainly knows how to write a gripping thriller and Vanished won't leave readers disappointed.

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