Sabine Durrant

Under Your Skin

"This is an excellent read and highly recommended."


When clever, successful TV presenter, Gaby Mortimer discovers the dead body of a young woman on the common near her house, she has no idea that her apparently happy, charmed life is about to go into sickening freefall. There are connections between the two women—some of Gaby's clothes are found in the murder victim's flat. When the police interview Gaby, it's clear they think she is a suspect. Gaby's colleagues on her TV show insist she take a break (they don't want the bad publicity), neighbours and even friends make themselves scarce, her workaholic husband Philip is out of the country on business - Gaby has to rely on her own resources to reveal the real nature of the killer and fight to get her life back.

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'Under Your Skin' features a real mix of characters, many who act in a shady way, to give the reader plenty of suspects to choose from. The characters and opinions of these characters change during the duration of the book as their personalities are revealed. Durrant gives the reader a few scents to follow, although not all of these are necessarily down the right road. I did find that at times there seemed to be little happening in this novel, but I was so surprised by the ending that the occasional slowness could be overlooked. This is an excellent read and highly recommended.

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