Gordon Ferris

Truth Dare Kill

"ruth Dare Kill is populated with a carnival of misfits… an exciting debut"


It is New Years Eve 1945: the dawn of a new year. The war is finally over but London is still feeling very bruised and fragile - and so are its dwellers. Some are feeling this more so than others. As a newly demobbed Danny McRae sets up his own investigation business, a brutal killer is prowling the streets of London, targeting young prostitutes.

Danny gets a visit from a very well-to-do lady who believes she has killed a man. From these initial revelations, Danny is sent on a journey which will involve him in ways he never thought possible. Soon he is on the run and being blamed for murders that even he doesn't know if he has committed or not.

Will he regain the memory he lost during his days in war torn France or do the black outs he suffers from mean he really is a murderer without knowing it? He has only a short space of time to find the truth.

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This is Ferris' debut novel and it beautifully evokes the sense of wonderment and shock of a nation getting used to peace after so many years of the horror of war. With Ferris' descriptions, the reader can sense the hand to mouth existence of Londoners at this time and really feel the icy winter wind blow through the thin cloth of their everyday garments. This is Great Britain at its lowest point as it counts the cost of war, with a large percentage of the population paying the price. The story weaves smoothly along with Danny McRae proving a very enticing and genial character. One can only wish him well as he endeavours to avoid the police to clear his name. Truth Dare Kill is populated with a carnival of misfits, in particular Inspector Wilson who is a nasty piece of work and takes advantage of a city in a state of flux. The conclusion is quite startling and satisfying. Truth Dare Kill reminded me of Buchan's The 39 Steps for its vitality and spirit of strength in the face of adversity. This marks an exciting debut for Danny McRae and I look forward to his next adventure.

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