Clare Donoghue

Trust No One

" easy book to read.. "


Marriage is complicated. It doesn't always work out. Sometimes there are things you discover about yourself and each other which mean the marriage has to end. Sad, particularly when kids are involved - but all pretty normal. Normal that is, until there's a murder.

DS Jane Bennett and DI Mike Lockyer are called in to investigate one of South London's most difficult and distressing cases yet - where family and friends come under scrutiny in the hardest of circumstances.

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In previous novels, DI Lockyer and DS Bennett have sparred against each other with Lockyer verging on the misogynistic. 'Trust No One' sees him with a much more caring and compassionate side. Personally, I'm not as keen on the new and improved Lockyer as it was the relationship between these two characters that I enjoyed most in these books. I can only hope that Lockyer is having a mid-life crisis and normal service will shortly resume. There are some references to the previous books, however this can still be read without the need to read the previous two from Donoghue. The story itself was sufficient enough to keep my interest, but didn't necessarily keep me enthralled. Richard Taylor had been found dead by his children and his death soon becomes a murder investigation. With plenty of suspects, the police have their work cut out. I was kept guessing until the end and the killer was revealed, and looking back I'm not sure there were any clues that would have enabled me to guess correctly. Each of the characters was well thought out and believable (even if very few were particularly likeable). Donoghue manages to get a good mix of plot together with some background story of the main characters, giving them more depth and dimension. Donoghue is a very good writer and 'Trust No One' is an easy book to read, but for me it was missing that 'hook' which had me gripped during her two previous novels.

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