Jonathan Kellerman

True Detectives

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Half brothers Aaron Fox and Moe Reed could not be more different. Although both involved in law enforcement, Moe is an official homicide detective for the LAPD while Aaron is a private eye whose criteria for taking on cases is purely financial. The brothers have a long history of not getting on with each other and keep a wary distance from each other. However, their profession lives collide when they both begin working on the case of a missing musician, Caitlin Frostig.

Caitlin has been missing for some time and Aaron is hired by her father's boss to find out what really happened to her. For Moe, it is a cold case that he wants to resurrect, although it soon becomes clear that Caitlin was not the retiring music teacher that appearances suggest. The detectives are forced to visit the seamier side of Los Angeles to find clues to Caitlin's disappearance.

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Although famous for his Alex Delaware novels Kellerman does often reuse minor characters from his previous novels. In fact, in this book Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis make brief appearance at the beginning of the book but are then replaced as investigators by Aaron Fox and Moe Reed. The relationship between these half-brothers is one of the book's greatest strengths. They had a love-hate relationship than goes back to their childhood and the brutal death of Aaron's father. Throughout the book you are willing the brother's to repair their damaged relationship. The plot is classic Kellerman as it oscillates between the wealthy LA suburbs and the grime of the inner city. The character of the missing Caitlin Frostig is examined in detail but at the end I was no clearer of the reasons behind her descent into casual and risky pick-ups. All Kellerman fans will enjoy this book but I can't help wondering when we can have more of Delaware and Strugis

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