Jesse Kellerman


""‘Kellerman has an easy style to read and this is a very well-written book…’" "


Young, idealistic, and overworked, Jonah is living the lonely life of a medical student in New York City when he accidentally stumbles across a murder in progress - a woman being stabbed to death in the middle of the sidewalk. Without thinking, he rushes in to protect her, inadvertently killing her attacker in the process.

Thrust into the media spotlight and crushed by guilt, Jonah quickly learns that heroism isn't all it's cracked up to be. He receives a shower of unwanted attention - and hostility - from his superiors. The district attorney wants to "interview" him. The family of the dead man wants revenge.

Everything is further upended when the woman whose life he saved shows up at his apartment. What begins as a thank-you drink turns into a wildly passionate love affair. As their relationship deepens, however, Jonah realizes that she isn't quite the woman she appears to be. His nightmare has only begun, and the price of kindness will turn out to be higher than he could have imagined.

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Jonah Stem thinks he is doing the right thing when he sees a woman in trouble and steps in to help her. Everything goes horribly wrong when Jonah accidentally kills the man whilst protecting the woman. This book was a slight change from my usual genre of the average murder mystery, which made an interesting change, but still a good read. Jonah is the typical lead character, a likeable person who has been thrown into a situation and is now out of his depth. Kellerman has an easy style to read and this is a very well-written book, with strongly defined characters but unfortunately I feel, let down with a slightly predictable ending.

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