Simon Scarrow

Traitors of Rome

"...Scarrow brings this time period to my mind in glorious technicolour... "


AD 56. Battle-hardened veterans of the Roman army Tribune Cato and Centurion Macro are garrisoned at the eastern border, aware that their movements are constantly monitored by spies from dangerous, mysterious Parthia. But the enemy within could be the deadliest threat to the Legion ... and the Empire.

There's a traitor in the ranks. Rome shows no mercy to those who betray their comrades, and the Empire. But first the guilty man must be discovered. Cato and Macro are in a race against time to expose the truth, while the powerful enemy over the border waits to exploit any weaknesses in the Legion. The traitor must die.

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Despite this being the 18th book, there is certainly plenty of life in this series, or is there? Scarrow is a remarkable storyteller and the twists and turns he delivers compels his reader onwards – just as Scarrow does with his Roman army. There seems to be life in the old dogs, Cato and Macro, although at the end it appears they are at a crossroads. Where Scarrow will take them can only be revealed in the next book. To be honest, there is little more I can say about this exceptional series as Scarrow already has an army of devoted readers who will more than likely devour this book over the festive season, like the proverbial oven-ready turkey! That's if they haven't already read it because they couldn't wait! Again, Scarrow brings this time period to my mind in glorious technicolour, the sights, sounds and smells bombarding you as each page is turned. This is a masterclass in storytelling. I am sure his legion of followers is already baying for the next book!

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