Kerry Wilkinson

Think Of The Children

""This is a solid read which I would highly recommend..." "


Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is first on the scene as a stolen car crashes on a misty, wet Manchester morning. The driver is dead, but the biggest shock awaits her when she discovers the body of a child wrapped in plastic in the boot of the car. As Jessica struggles to discover the identity of the driver, a thin trail leads her first to a set of clothes buried in the woods and then to a list of children's names found in an allotment shed. With the winter chill setting in and parents looking for answers, Jessica must find out who has been watching local children, and how this connects to a case that has been unsolved for 14 years.

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Wilkinson has written three previous books featuring Jessica Daniel although 'Think of the Children' was the first one I had read. It was an easy book to get into with a lead character that I immediately liked. There were quite a few references made to previous cases without much explanation which was a little frustrating for a first time reader. The book is also quite heavy going (which is not a criticism) but I mean that every word and sentence had to be read in full. Skim reading is not an option for this one. There is quite a bit of humour in the dialogue which does lighten the story, and I enjoyed the relationship between Daniel and her colleagues. She is a strong character but does have a softer side which renders her more human. The plot itself I found a little far fetched and confusing at times, but the excellent writing and characters definitely saved the day for me. I was also like to be able to try and guess who did what and why but 'Think of the Children' is not a book which offers the reader the opportunity to do this. However, it does mean that you will be kept guessing until the end. This is a solid read which I would highly recommend and has already got me going back to the beginning and reading the first three novels by this author to watch!

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