R.D. Ronald

The Zombie Room

"...most suited to those who like a touch of stretching the imagination science wise or enjoy the paranormal... "


An unlikely bond is forged between three men from very different backgrounds when they serve time together in prison. A series of wrong turns and disastrous life choices has led to their incarceration. Following their release, Mangle, Decker and Tazeem stick together as they return to a life of crime, embarking on a lucrative scam.

But when they stumble upon a sophisticated sex-trafficking operation, they soon realise they are in mortal danger. The disappearance of a family member and the murder of a dear friend lead the three to delve deeper into a world of violence and deception. In their quest for retribution and justice, they put their lives on the line.

Their paths cross with that of Tatiana, who has left her home country for a better life in the West - or so she thinks. She soon realises she is in the hands of ruthless, violent people, who run an operation supplying girls to meet the most deviant desires of rich and powerful men. Will she survive the horrors of The Zombie Room? Are Mangle, Decker and Tazeem brave enough to follow her there, in an attempt to set her free?

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'The Zombie Room' follows the lives of three men who meet in prison and a young girl from an Eastern European country, being used in a multitude of ways to pay her travel debt. In all honesty, I am not quite sure what to say about the book. I didn't hate it and although not completely an original premise, albeit I have seen it on film rather than books, the plot itself was fairly sound. The characters were believable although stereotypical in some instances and the writing style was certainly fluid. However, the initial timeline was confusing because it commenced by giving the background to each character, which you thought was all happening at the same time. It turns out that was not the case as Decker was imprisoned before the other two and had spent some time in jail before meeting Mangle and Tazeem. I also think Tatiana's problems were out of synch with the guys meeting. In addition, on a few occasions, the story appeared to jump ahead, rather than explain what had happened in the present. To be fair, I often find it annoying when some events are spelt out in the present at great length when it is peripheral to the story, but in some cases it would have enhanced the book. There was a definite air of unrealism, especially in the concluding scenes when the three heroes fought the bad guys – you don't just pick up a gun and fire it – and fire it well. This contradicted the realism from other parts of the book and, for me, did not make it cohesive. As stated, I did not hate it. I found it easy and quick to read and enjoyed the discussion I had on it with various friends whilst talking about the overall premise. It would be most suited to those who like a touch of stretching the imagination science wise or enjoy the paranormal I think, although it does have a thriller type stance as well.

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