Jason Dean

The Wrong Man

"...an author who has the necessary skills to entertain readers for many years to come."


Ex-Marine James Bishop will only get one chance to escape from prison and prove that he isn't responsible for the murders which saw him jailed. Three years previously he was leading a close protection team whose clients were a millionaire and his daughter.

Bishop was knocked unconscious and when he came to he found that not only were his team slain but both his clients had also been slaughtered. Littered around the millionaire's mansion was enough damning evidence to seal his conviction. Should Bishop make his escape from prison then he will have to evade capture while hunting down the people who set him up.

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'The Wrong Man' is a modern day thriller packed with both up to date technology and methodology, yet it retains one of the oldest storylines in the genre – namely an innocent man framed for a crime he didn't commit seeking out the person who framed him. Bishop is the typical straight arrow lead who is principled, honest and yet unafraid of the dirtier aspects of his job. His name is synonymous with his thought processes and actions as he often seems to shoot off on the diagonal rather than the obvious straight route. Other characters of note are Jenna, Art Mandrake and the dastardly Danny. The plot as a whole is never overly complex or simple and serves the authors purpose exactingly as he either ramps up tension or settles things down with explanation before the next action sequence. The prose is pitch perfect for the genre and there are many ingenious new concepts to further the reader's enjoyment. 'The Wrong Man' is a thrilling debut from an author who has the necessary skills to entertain readers for many years to come.

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