Vanessa Savage

The Woods

""...a good read and kept me hooked." "


There's a lot from Tess's childhood that she would rather forget. The family who moved next door and brought chaos to their quiet lives. The two local girls who were murdered, their killer never found. In fact, the only thing she can't remember is the one thing she wishes she could.

Ten years ago, Tess's older sister died. Ruled a tragic accident, the only witness was Tess herself, but she has never been able to remember what happened that night in the woods.

Now living in London, Tess has resolved to put the trauma behind her. But when an emergency call from her father forces her back to the family home, Tess discovers that, sometimes, the past cannot be laid to rest.

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'The Woods' tells the story of Tess's childhood leading up to the death of her sister and her life now. Flitting back between past and present, Savage has time to develop the characters and show them changing over the years. Most is set from the perspective of Tess. She is struggling with her mental health and this is getting worse the more she thinks about her sister's death. With her dead sister talking to her, Tess is determined to find out exactly what happened to her sister, Bella. Most of the characters that appear in Tess's childhood also come back in the present. Those that were suspects back then now appear to have 'come good' with the characters that were previously without suspicion now looking very suspect. Tess now needs to work her way through her memories to try and find out what happened and who is guilty. 'The Woods' was an enjoyable book. It is well-written, giving plenty of clues and red herrings to keep you guessing. I did find there was a lot of unnecessary information or conversations which felt like padding rather than pertinent to the story or the outcome. The ending also could have been a little less predictable. However, it was a good read and kept me hooked.

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