The Woman in the Dark

" enjoyable book that made me keep with it and is still definitely worth a read."


For Sarah and Patrick, family life has always been easy. But when Sarah's mother dies, it sends Sarah into a downwards spiral. Knowing they need a fresh start, Patrick moves the family to the beachside house he grew up in.

But there is a catch: while their new home carries only happy memories for Patrick, to everyone else it's known as the Murder House - named for the family that was killed there.

Patrick is adamant they can make it perfect again, though with their children plagued by nightmares and a constant sense they're being watched, Sarah's not so sure because the longer they live in their 'dream home', the more different her loving husband becomes.

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Sarah and Patrick have moved home and are now living in Patrick's childhood home, but as the story develops it soon becomes apparent that Sarah and Patrick don't have the perfect marriage or the perfect family, and the idyllic childhood that Patrick remembers may not be quite as it seems. Once they have moved in Sarah begins to regret the move. The children are unhappy and Patrick is changing. Sarah is not an easy character to like. Most of the book is written from her perspective and at times Sarah appears a weak and whining woman. I also struggle to empathise with a woman who puts her husband before her children. She is indecisive and gullible which I found frustrating at times. However, that is my own personal negative, as once started, I struggled to put this book down. 'The Woman in the Dark' is a psychological thriller with a hint of supernatural suspense. Although I enjoyed the book and didn't want to stop reading, at times I found the narrative sometimes repetitive. The plot and ending were to me a little predictable, but on the whole, I found this an enjoyable book that made me keep with it and is still definitely worth a read.

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