Vaseem Khan

The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra

""...I was constantly lured in by the smells and sounds of Mumbai." "


Inspector Chopra is having an interesting day: he is retiring from the Mumbai police on medical grounds and he has inherited from his much loved and eccentric uncle a very special baby elephant to be known as Ganesh. Neither of these occurrences did he particularly welcome. Practically as his last act in the police he starts to investigate the death of a young man apparently by drowning when drunk. This solution fits in with his successor's view of the poor but Inspector Chopra is not sure and promises the boy's parents that he will discover the truth. Against his wife's advice Ashwin trawls around the amazing city of Mumbai from rich suburbs to the famous teeming slums, on occasion followed by one baby elephant! Chopra discovers corruption and cover-ups everywhere and his own innocent deception leads him into a spot of bother with his long suffering wife.

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This is a delightful whimsical tale that manages to reveal much about life in the teeming city of Mumbai, whilst following the career of the delightful Inspector Chopra. Written with a gentle humour, this is a book to read when a non-threatening, amusing tale is required. The characters are warm and intriguing: a very special insight into the lives of ordinary and extraordinary Indians. Whilst reading I was constantly lured in by the smells and sounds of Mumbai. Comparisons to McCall Smith are inevitable, but Khan's book stands on its own merit. Wonderfully light-hearted, this frothy investigation is highly entertaining. I look forward to Khan's next Chopra instalment.

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