Agatha Christie

The Tuesday Club Murders

""...Christie firing on all cylinders. ""


'Well,' said Joyce, 'it seems to me we are a pretty representative gathering. How would it be if we formed a Club? What is today? Tuesday? We will call it The Tuesday Night Club. It is to meet every week, and each member in turn has to propound a problem. Some mystery of which they have personal knowledge, and to which, of course, they know the answer.'

Here are stories of murder and intrigue told by each member of the Tuesday Night Club. Time and time again, crimes so wicked they have confounded even Scotland Yard's finest are solved by St Mary Mead's sharpest mind and everyone's favourite armchair detective – Miss Marple.

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The latest addition to Harper Collins' hardback series is 'The Thirteen Problems' – or as used here, the American title, 'The Tuesday Club Murders'. I can only imagine that the US title has been used due to a certain bestseller in 2020 debuting 'The Thursday Murder Club'. I don't think it takes Miss Marple to figure that one out! Also, despite the covers of previous hardcovers being eye-catching, this one is quite pedestrian. So, despite the title change and uninspiring cover, I will say this is one of Christie's best short story collection that I have gone back to time and time again over the years. All the stories collected here previously appeared in newspapers and were the introduction of our favourite elderly spinster detective, Miss Marple. Every story here is a gem and not a single one hits a bad note. Each story shows how brilliant Christie was at mis-direction. Everything is there for the reader, but Christie always manages to pull the wool over our eyes at the right moment. This includes the wonderfully spooky, 'The Blue Geranium' and 'The Idol House of Astarte'. This collection of short stories shows Christie firing on all cylinders.

Reviewed By:

Chris Simmons