Susan Arnout Smith

The Timer Game

"… an enjoyable read."


A reluctant CSI detective with the San Diego squad, Grace Descano is summoned to work on what looks like a routine crime scene. Hours later, two detectives have been brutally murdered and Grace herself is under investigation for shooting the killer.

Her daughter, Katie, is five years old. She's all Grace has got. But when Katie is snatched, Grace is thrown into a nightmare world of timed riddles that she must solve in order to find her daughter before it's too late.

She has 24 hours before Katie dies.

Welcome to The Timer Game.

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The Timer Game is the debut novel from Susan Arnout Smith, with the plot being the tried and tested format 'ordinary person having to save the day'. But with strong, well-defined and often likeable characters, together with Arnout Smith's writing style, the Timer Game is an enjoyable read. Despite this format being used many times over, it did not take away any of the appeal or suspense when reading this book. There are plenty of suspects to chose from until the culprit is finally revealed at the end, and, even though the rationale behind the crime and the method of the crimes were not particularly realistic, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would not only recommend it, but am also eagerly awaiting to see where Arnout Smith goes from here. The Timer Game is an easy book to get into, though slightly let down with the improbable plot. Nonetheless, a gripping book and one you will find hard to resist.

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