Mason Cross

The Time to Kill

"..a fast paced book with an energetic plot."


It's been five years since Carter Blake parted ways with top-secret government operation Winterlong. They brokered a deal at the time: he'd keep quiet about what they were doing, and in return he'd be left alone. But news that one of Blake's old allies, a man who agreed the same deal, is dead means only one thing – something has changed and Winterlong is coming for him.

Emma Faraday, newly appointed head of the secret unit, is determined to tie up loose ends - and Blake is a very loose end. He's been evading them for years, but finally they've picked up his trace. Blake may be the best there is at tracking down people who don't want to be found, but Winterlong taught him everything he knows. If there's anyone who can find him – and kill him – it's them. It's time for Carter Blake to up his game.

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Carter Blake has earned a living finding people since leaving a top-secret government organisation, but, 'The Time to Kill' sees Blake as the hunted, rather than the hunter. Although the plot has Blake using all his skills and ingenuity to keep one step ahead, somehow this book didn't pull it off as well as Cross's previous two novels. Blake is comparable to Child's Reacher, a killer with a heart and conscience - a one man band trying to put the world to rights. Not much is given away about Blake's past, but enough is shared about his character to ensure the reader connects and cares sufficiently to want to carry on reading and find out what happens. 'The Time to Kill' is based in two time settings; the present, and five years ago, giving insight into his current situation. This is a fast paced book with an energetic plot. It's a typical good versus evil, and there are a few surprises or twists to the plot. However, it is the excellent writing of the author and quick thinking from the protagonist which saves this book from being average.

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