The Three Day Affair

""...I will definitely be looking out for any future titles from this creative and promising author." "


Will, Jeffrey and Nolan have been friends since college. Their lives are normal, even boring. Until one shocking moment changes everything. One night, in a moment of madness, Jeffrey robs a convenience store and drags the only witness into Will's car. Before they know it, Will, Jeffrey and Nolan are holding a young girl hostage, with no idea what to do next. They have three days to decide her fate. Three days to choose between right and wrong, prison and freedom. Three days to manipulate each other into a unanimous decision. These ordinary men are already guilty of abduction and robbery. What else are they capable of?

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I started reading 'The Three Day Affair' and was impressed with the innovative plot. I thoroughly enjoyed Kardos' writing style and the story read fluently and it was easy to get hooked on the story and characters. There was a good mix of humour, insightful characters and a strong story line. I would not say that the pace of the story was particularly fast but it was consistent and kept my interest, making me want to find out how it would end. The ending itself is the one disappointment of the book as I found that it was rather an anti-climax and a little too predictable. Whilst reading the book I kept trying to guess what had happened and why, fully expecting to be blown away by a spectacular twist at the end. However, this did not happen and it was only the great writing of this author that saved the book rather than the story itself. The story had a strange feel to it, at times it felt that nothing was happening and it was not moving forward yet because it was so well written, it did not feel that it was stagnating or slowing down. Overall though I did enjoy this book and will definitely be looking out for any future titles from this creative and promising author.

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