Simon Conway

The Stranger

"...a fast moving, thrilling, action packed rollercoaster of a book."


Jude Lyon is a MI6 officer currently enjoying using a Russian diplomat's wife in time honoured fashion to find out more about said Russian diplomat. His boss, known as The Queen Bee, then calls him back for a more important mission: trouble is brewing as a terrorist bomber sent to Syria for interrogation with the approval of the then Foreign Secretary has been busted from jail. If he talks it may appear that he in fact was never the terrorist, but a dupe put in place by the real dangerous bomber. Jude is sent to investigate what is happening and remove any embarrassing evidence. What he finds is an even more terrifying scenario. The original terrorist bomber is still alive and with plans that involve a devastating attack on the United Kingdom. This individual becomes known as The Stranger as no-one knows who he is and what are his motives. Highly trained and utterly ruthless he pursues his objectives with vicious and cold efficiency.

Jude is a cool customer who slowly, using past contacts and a keen intellect, works out the identity of the subject. With this knowledge and foolhardy bravery, he rushes to combat the disaster approaching London.

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This is a fast moving, thrilling, action packed rollercoaster of a book. In the best tradition of spy thrillers our hero is supremely confident and able to overcome ridiculous odds to come out on top, albeit with a few casualties along the way. Great escapism, but with sufficient realism to make you think and also worry. For those with a moral compass this was not Britain's finest hour. As always, a little bit of insider knowledge goes down well. A highly exciting read.

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