Martin Edwards

The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books

"...the perfect Christmas present for any book lover."


The main aim of detective stories is to entertain, but the best cast a light on human behaviour, and display both literary ambition and accomplishment. Even unpretentious detective stories, written for unashamedly commercial reasons, can give us clues to the past, and give us insight into a long-vanished world that, for all its imperfections, continues to fascinate. This book, written by award-winning crime writer and president of the Detection Club, Martin Edwards, serves as a companion to the British Library's internationally acclaimed series of Crime Classics. Long-forgotten stories republished in the series have won a devoted new readership, with several titles entering the bestseller charts and sales outstripping those of highly acclaimed contemporary thrillers.

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With his font of crime fiction knowledge over flowing, Martin Edwards shares his passion with us through 100 books, bringing the Golden Era of crime to life through the books of that time. Obviously there is Christie and Conan Doyle, but plenty of others you will know and some you may not have heard of. This is where it gets expensive as that list of books to buy gets longer and longer! The cover is in keeping with the British Library Crime Classics series and makes a very smart addition to this series which has gained huge popularity in only a few years. Classic crime is very much in vogue at the moment and long may it continue. I for one am greatly enjoying the series and discovering new authors from yesteryear. With '100 Books', you will discover more and I hope that some of them will find their way as a future paperback in the British Library series. This is a marvellous book to dip in and out of and the perfect Christmas present for any book lover.

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