Emily Winslow

The Start of Everything

""...I'll certainly be on the lookout for the next instalment in the life of DI Frohman." "


When the badly decomposed body of a teenage girl is washed up on the flooded fens outside Cambridge, it's up to DI Chloe Frohman and her partner Morris Keene to discover her identify before the press can pounce on the case.

Mathilde Oliver, the autistic daughter of a Cambridge don is trying to discover the writer of mysterious letters to a student at Corpus Christ College who doesn't seem to exist.

As Frohman and Keene link together the sparse clues from the body and the letters, their investigations lead them to an imposing country manor where secrets, lies, long buried crimes and fresh new horrors await them.

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Written in an unusual style, from the various points of view of each of its main characters, 'The Start of Everything' is sharp, well observed, and totally engrossing. I was not expecting to be caught up as quickly or completely in the mystery as I was and found this a more than welcome surprise. This novel has the most life-like and genuine cast I have come across for a long time. Morris Keene has recently returned to work and is struggling to come to terms with the consequences of his injuries in the line of duty. His partner, newly promoted DI Chloe Frohman, feels guilty over the circumstances surrounding Keene's injuries and suspects she is being held accountable for it by her peers, making her future uncertain. The truths behind how each saw their own actions, how they perceived others, and how they thought others thought of them is excellently captured here. With a clever mystery that slowly unravels at its heart and will keep you guessing until the end, 'The Start of Everything' is an excellent read and I'll certainly be on the lookout for the next instalment in the life of DI Frohman.

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