Jo Nesbo

The Son

""As always, Jo Nesbo delivers an exciting story..." "


Sonny is in prison for killing two men. He is a model prisoner whom the other inmates believe has healing hands. After his father died admitting to be a corrupt police officer, Sonny became a drug addict and in prison he is kept supplied by prison officers in return for favours, the latest of which is to take the blame for a murder committed whilst he was out on day release.

Simon Kefas is a police officer nearing retirement but still active and determined to seek out criminals. He was a friend of Sonny's father and mother. Their history together is the beginning of the trail of disaster that led Sonny to prison. Now Kefas is happily together with Else, but he is distraught by the fact she is slowly losing her sight.

When Sonny discovers some of the truth about his past he carefully engineers his escape from prison to hunt down the mole who betrayed his father. He has to hide from those both official and unofficial, whilst drying himself out and adjusting to the outside world which has moved on since his incarceration. Bit by bit the truth emerges - and it is devastating.

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This may not be part of the Harry Hole series, but this dark stand-alone features another cop haunted by his addiction. Sonny is a tortured young man who uses his considerable intelligence to fight the system. The power of Sonny to overcome seemingly impossible odds is part of his attraction. The fact that conventional morality does not restrict him only adds to the enjoyment. As always, Jo Nesbo delivers an exciting story laced with a big dollop of extreme violence. He reveals the underbelly of Norway's seemingly ideal society. I understand that this novel is heading for the big screen and I'm sure it will be a great success. There is something about Nesbo's novels that are so accessible and at the same time, so gripping. He really does have the knack for digging in deep and getting under your flesh without letting go until the final page. I have run out of superlatives for this man's books – so just read it!

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