Jeffery Deaver

The Sleeping Doll

"Deaver is a master…"


California Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Kathryn Dance is an expert in kinesics - the science of interpreting behaviour. It makes her a brilliant interrogator. But she is up against Daniel Pell, a master of control, who mesmerises, seduces and exploits people for his own murderous ends. A convicted killer who is known as the 'Son of Manson' for the chilling parallels between him and the notorious ritual murderer.

To track down Pell before he destroys yet more lives, Kathryn Dance must enlist the help of four people from the killer's past. The three women who lived under his sadistic sway in the cult he once headed, and the young girl known as the 'Sleeping Doll' - the only survivor of her family's salughter at Pell's hands…

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Deaver introduced Dance in his last Rhyme book - and now Special Agent Dance is the lead character in his latest thriller. This book kept me totally spellbound until I had finished it. Deaver has the ability to twist plots whilst throwing in clues along the way as to who has committed the crime, and why - enabling the reader to have a chance at solving the puzzle. It is only once everything has been pieced together that you wonder how you missed the obvious clues. Certainly, Deaver is a master – expert at the art of intrigue and psychologial thrillers. Dance, unlike Rhyme, seems an average person, apart from her ability to read body language, and I am fully expecting her to feature many more times in forthcoming books. The story continued to twist and turn until the very end, and, as ever with Deaver, this is another book not to be missed (or put down until it has been read in one go!)

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