Antonia Hodgson

The Silver Collar

""Hodgson has a talent that immerses you in the London of the eighteenth century from the first page.""


This is the fourth book in the story of Tom Hawkins. He has survived many trials and troubles including a close shave with death on the gallows. He has now reached a contented place, living with Kitty Sparks in her bookshop which earns her a substantial living selling dubious literature and sex aids. His ward, Sam Fleet, also lives with them and provides Tom with a protection from the criminality of the area by virtue of his own cunning and his powerful Fleet family.

But Tom Hawkins is attacked and discovers that someone wants him dead. The Westminster magistrate, Sir John Gonson, also is pursuing a vendetta against him. Tom's comfortable life is about to disappear.

Both Kitty and Tom are dragged into danger and discover evil hiding behind a fa├žade of wealth and power. Vengeance, slavery and downright wickedness combine to bring them to the brink of despair.

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Antonia Hodgson has a talent that immerses you in the London of the eighteenth century from the first page. Historical details in the physical surroundings, in the food of the time, the culture of the city and the edgy life led by Tom Hawkins combine to take you right back to the life of the times. A consideration of the role of slavery in Britain and the colonies chimes in with the climate of the day. There was a contrast between the belief in the freedom of the individual and the undoubted wealth accrued by individuals as a result of the slave trade. Tom and Kitty are a pair of feisty individuals, likeable and full of idiosyncrasies. This tale of their adventures provides a powerful thriller. Antonia Hodgson is a talented writer and this is one of those books you will find extremely difficult to put down.

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